The revolutionary 2D cooperative sandbox game for PC and Xbox 360
Nioki Adventure is a cooperative 2D sandbox game; but make no mistake because the concept, gameplay, crafting, exploration and all these new features will be totally different to offer an advanced, innovative and unique experience for this type of game.
The game will be released on PC and Xbox 360.

One of the game's major innovations is the emergence of several quests (with one main scripted quest) pushing cooperation in fighting as well as building quests. The RPG aspect is very challenging and pushes the player to evolve his character (leveling system) and personalize him with the stuff and the specializations templates associated to the player style.

Also, one of our goals is to offer to the community the possibility to participate in the Gamedesign by suggesting enemies, environments, items and more !

The game is developped by Bidogames, a new french studio created by 2 persons :
- Marc Lejeune (Gamedesign and graphics)
- Gregory Potdevin (programmer)

A lot of new information will be coming soon, so keep in touch with twitter or Facebook. If you have some questions about the project or if you are interested to make an exclusive article on your website, don't hesitate to contact us !